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Principal's Message

From the Principal

Coming Together as a Community


We have faced many challenges at Edison this year.  Each of these challenges has posed opportunities for us to problem-solve, work together, and grow stronger as a community.  You never really know how strong you are until the challenges come. 


Our latest challenge has been the air quality in Alameda.  We have been managing the poor air quality by remaining indoors and limiting the activity of our students and staff.  While our response has not always been perfect, we have tried to use common sense and invoke the Golden Rule of community building—we attempt to treat our students that you entrust to us with the same care and consideration we would give our own children!  It is always difficult to make the best call in all situations but we utilize a plethora of resources to inform our decision-making process.  Thank you for your partnership with us to work together for the health and safety of all.


Last week was the “Great American Shake Out” where we took a break from our work to practice our safety training in the event of an earth quake.  Some people wonder about the value of a five minute drill to practice the appropriate response in an emergency.  I will assure you that this work and our attitude toward safety does plant seeds that will come to fruition when a challenge occurs.  I was very pleased when we had a real “lock down” earlier this year and I got to see our entire school safely contained in about a minute.  Perfect practice makes perfect performance and that is why our focus on the right way to do things is so critical.  I am very proud of our approach and the response we get from our students and staff.


A real community rises up and pulls together during times of challenge.  I thought I was pretty impressed when you joined with us to raise over $4,000 for our school-friends in Houston.  Now I am watching the underwear and sock drive grow like a mountain outside of our office!  Thank you so much for helping us to teach our children how to focus on those that have it the toughest.  Our time has been tough with the poor air quality and being stuck inside.  Imagine what it is like for firefighters who work 12-16 hour days will little food or rest.  Try to feel what it would be like to go home and find out that everything you owned is gone from fire.  We have an inconvenience; others have life-changing crisis to deal with.  I enjoy being inspired by the giving and caring community at Edison.


One of the most important aspects of building a community is to stay focused and keep the energy high.  We are no longer in a new school year.  However, we still need to have help and support from our parents in our filed trips, as art and garden docents, as classroom helpers, and as volunteers for lunch and playground supervision daily.  A true community is like a family; it grows and is nurtured each and every day.  Someone is always looking out for others trying to make things just a little better and a little nicer by giving of themselves.  Our students hear what they say.  However, they learn a lot from watching what we do.  Please continue your energy and support as we work to grow and expand at Edison.  We need your partnership to grow our signature, “Change Makers” and to expand our noon recreation and nutrition experience.  In addition, our “Go Green” efforts are a constant reminder to care for our earth and to do the right things.  We have a lot to do!  Thank goodness we have a community to count on for support!  Thank you for all that you do to help us grow and nurture our Learning Community.


Take care,

Rob Slauson, Principal


“Edison Elementary School—A Place Where Safety and Learning are the Highest Priorities”

Rob Slauson is Edison Elementary's principal.  He has made positive strides, and has his eye on the future for our students and the school.  Please call the office if you have any questions, or wish to speak with him.

Thank you!