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Faculty and Staff

Edison Faculty and Staff

Edison School Faculty and Staff


Principal, Office, Rob Slauson, rslauson@alameda.k12.ca.us



Rm 12, Ana Soria-Kevy, askevy@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 10, Michelle Dunn Ruiz, mdruiz@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 5, Nicole Korpell, nkorpell@alameda.k12.ca.us


First Grade

Rm 14, Micka Geritz, mgeritz@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 6, Linda Valler, lvaller@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 7, Jackie Dodge, jdodge@alameda.k12.ca.us


Second Grade

Rm 9, Sarah Hinds, shinds@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 13, Evelyn Chang, echang@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 8, Regina del Rosario, rchan@alameda.k12.ca.us


Third Grade

Rm 3, Audrey Hyman, ahyman@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 2, Jennifer Howell, jhowell@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 4, Glenn Aitkens, gaitkens@alameda.k12.ca.us


Fourth Grade

Rm 21, Susan Isola, sisola@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 17, Joan Braze, jbraze@alameda.k12.ca.us


Fourth Fifth Grade

Rm 22, Chris Lonsdale, clonsdale@alameda.k12.ca.us


Fifth Grade

Rm 19, Kate Flanagan, kflanagan@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 18, Kelly Schroeder, kschroeder@alameda.k12.ca.us


Resource, RSP

Rm 16, Mary Lee, mlee@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 16, Karin Kirschbaum, kkirschbaum@alameda.k12.ca.us,

           Edison, AM/Bay Farm, PM


Special Day Classes

Kindergarten – Second

Rm 11, Ia Hernandez, ihernandez@alameda.k12.ca.us


Third through Fifth

Rm 20, Ann-Marie Izaba, aizaba@alameda.k12.ca.us


SDC Prep teacher, for Rooms 11 and 20

Susan Coker, scoker@alameda.k12.ca.us



Music, PE, Media Center~Library, Supplemental

Music, Dan Foltz, dfoltz@alameda.k12.ca.us

P.E, Beth Clifford, bclifford@alameda.k12.ca.us

Rm 15, Media Center, Zoe Boese, zboese@alameda.k12.ca.us


Reading Intervention, Carole Crowe, ccrowe@alameda.k12.ca.us

Speech, Chatasha Tran, ctran@alameda.k12.ca.us


Adaptive P.E.  Allison Leshefsky, aleshefsky@alameda.k12.ca.us

ELD Teacher   Tara Yudenfruend, tyudenfreund@alameda.k12.ca.us


School Psychologists, Room 23

Krista Arrington, karrington@alameda.k12.ca.us

Psych Intern, Josie Guerra (Tue only), jguerra@alameda.k12.ca.us

Psych Intern, Andrew Walker, awalker@alameda.k12.ca.us


Office Staff

Office Manager, Nicci Woodward, nwoodward@alameda.k12.ca.us

Office/Attendance/Health Office, Heidi Kolden, hkolden@alameda.k12.ca.us


Garden Instructor

Lori Garrett


ParaProfessional Staff

Sandy Wong, sawong@alameda.k12.ca.us

Christy Goddard, cgoddard@alameda.k12.ca.us

Gio Rome, grome@alameda.k12.ca.us

Tara Shelton, tshelton@alameda.k12.ca.us

Saleh Yemen, ysaleh@alameda.k12.ca.us

Agnes Weinreb, aweinreb@alameda.k12.ca.us

Brendan Kelley, bkelley@alameda.k12.ca.us

Wendy Lieu, wlieu@alameda.k12.ca.us

Mabel Tafolla, mtafolla@alameda.k12.ca.us

Adrienne Miller, amiller@alameda.k12.ca.us


Custodial Staff

Head Custodian, Vaisa'asa'a Maulupe, vmaulupe@alameda.k12.ca.us

Night Custodian, Emmanuel Ignacio, mignacio@alameda.k12.ca.us